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PostSubject: Untitled   Untitled EmptyFri Feb 15, 2008 1:31 am

So yeah.... Heres a little something i wrote.. It has no name but the best things in life shouldnt have names.. not tryin to give myself credit or anything but here ya go.. hope ya like it..

Another second gone thats only a memory,
Another minute gone that ill never see again,
Life goes fast,
But feels like forever
And life goes on even at the end

To time we are here for a minute
To us it feels like forever
To Music, To blind us
To love, To comfert us
To sex, Makes us free
To Hate makes us happy
To our thoughts makes us sad
And our dreams makes us wonder
And it will be like that till they plant us in the growd

Remember that time is our biggest enimy that will always win in the end
Till then we are created then turned into sand
Now here is something that might fill ya full of fear
Once apon a time, Thee end
You once lived here
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