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WEDF Staff

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PostSubject: Changes   Changes EmptyFri Feb 15, 2008 1:26 am

Life is so different now

Nothing like it used to be

Everything is so much better

Or at least everything dear to me

Life still has its ups and downs

But all in all Iím happy

When was the last time I was truly joyful

Like the way Iíve been feeling lately?

So many things have improved

In many areas of my life

Although there are still some things

That tear me up inside

I never thought I would feel

The way that I do now

With no reason to be mad at the world

Amazing, I made it somehow

But when I think about certain things

I canít help but want to cry

Because of all these broken friendships

That really were all just a lie

What happened to the good times

And all the fun we had?

I feel I must have meant nothing to you

Which makes me incredibly sad

But still, I have my real friends now

Whom I hope will never forsake me

And I can tell which friends are true

And I hope that they always will be

I canít bear to think of the future

Where these strong friendships are likely to break

But yet I long for the future

And the wonderful life I will make

I pray that my dearest relationships

Will somehow survive the years

And that I will always have those true friends

Who are much more than just my peers
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