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 Rocky Horror Picture Show (R.H.P.S)

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Rocky Horror Picture Show (R.H.P.S) Empty
PostSubject: Rocky Horror Picture Show (R.H.P.S)   Rocky Horror Picture Show (R.H.P.S) EmptyMon Jun 09, 2008 12:10 pm

Greetings my fellow unconventional confectionist.

Let's start this off with a couple of videos just to get us in the mood.

YouTube - The Time Warp!

YouTube - Damian - Time Warp (Remix) [HQ]

Rocky Horror Picture Show (R.H.P.S) TIMEWARPBACKROUND

Now that we are in the mood..let's talk rocky.

I met my wife at RHPS she played magenta and Columbia and I played Riff Raff (best one in the movie). We acted in Rocky for 4 years or so..Before that I was in several casts over the years, as riff of course.

Some of the best people I have meet are from Rocky. I recently went to the show and was amazed at how many people didn't know the lines to shout back at the movie, some even told me to be quiet, they were trying to watch the movie..
Now anybody who knows anything about rocky knows that you get up and dance, Throw things, have water gun fights, and shout lines back at the movie.

So what was you first time like? Me, I got my cherry busted at the Waverly Theater (in NY) back in the late 80's and started acting with different casts right after that.

So what are you fondest memories of R.H.P.S? Were you ever in a cast? Would you take you kids to see it when they are teens? Do you still get up and dance to the Time warp..Did you ever go in costume? And last but not least, do you have any pics of you doing it?

I will post my pics if this gets enough replies..And yes i still have my Riff Raff outfits, the butlers outfit and the space suit too.

So jump on in to the left and start talking about your R.H.P.S stories.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (R.H.P.S) Commandersig

~He who dies with the most toys wins...I win!!!~
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Rocky Horror Picture Show (R.H.P.S)
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