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 Prescription Medication

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PostSubject: Prescription Medication   Prescription Medication EmptyMon Jun 02, 2008 9:14 pm

There are allot of different Prescribed medication out there and people that seek them out that don't have a prescription.

One of the growing epidemics in Prescription drug use is Oxycontin. Oxycontin is a powerful pain killer that is offered in high milligram doses that blow the competition out of the water. Before "OC" the more popular pain killers where: Lortab and Percocet. Both are in the Codeine family and overall are a pretty mild solution for large amounts of pain.

The differences between pain pills:

Most Prescription pain medication use the same chemical, Codeine. But because of the variation of the chemicals are very different. Even if a pill contains Codeine that is not the only chemical in the pill, take Tylenol 3's for example, there is Codeine in the pill but it is mostly Tylenol. In Lortabs there still is more Tylenol that Codeine but there is much more Codeine in it than in a Tylenol 3, A Percocet has a little more Codeine than a Lortab so it causes a different kind of high when taken in high milligram. So at the end of the Pharmaceutical line comes Oxycontin, it holds the largest consentration of Codein in any pill other than Morphine (not sure if Morphine is offered in a pill).

This is the reason for an outstanding street value for OC, personaly I have some great connections for not being a serious user of OC but I like to buy some once in a while. OC comes in a variety of doses but the pills on the street mainly come in: 20mg, 30mg and 80mg. Ruffly (if you have decent connections) the pills go for: $12-20mg $15-30mg and $55-80mg. Yes people will pay $55 for one pain pill, the reason is how people can use the pill in different ways maximizing the mg's potency on the user. First alternative is breaking the pill up before consumption, most people will just chew it up and wash it down but the more extreme consumption method is to break it up into a power to snort into the nasal cavity wich causes the user to only need half the amount to produce the same rush allong eith simular extended pain reliefe effects.

If someone is going to snort some OC they are going to want it to be as high of a MG as possible since the more mg's of Codeine then the cleaner it is and the less they have to snort.

Be very careful if you do use OC, it can be very addicting and when you stop using the drug it can cause a considerable loss in natural brain chemicals that produce different happy feelings and users have said to feel depressed.

These are just an assortment of my thoughts on the drug and I hope you found the infomration interesting or helpfull.
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Prescription Medication
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