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 Stir Crazy

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PostSubject: Stir Crazy   Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:30 am

For all us fans of the movie
Stir Crazy : 1980
Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor

Skip Donahue and Harry Monroe are two down-on-their-luck men trying to break into show business. To get the bills paid, they dress up as two woodpeckers for a local bank, where they perform a song-and-dance routine as part of a promotion for the bank. Little do they realize that two men are watching them...and also planning the perfect crime.

The men wait until Harry and Skip remove their costumes to take a break. They steal the costumes and perform the routine under the pretense of being Harry and Skip. They then use the ruse to rob the bank. Harry and Skip are immediately arrested upon their return and whisked through a speedy trial that lands them a 125-year jail sentence, which would make them eligible for parole in 30 years.

As the film progresses, Skip is selected to compete in the prison's annual rodeo competition, after the warden sees his prowess on a mechanical bull in his office. After Skip politely refuses the warden's request to participate, the warden locks him and Harry in with Grossberger, a convicted mass murderer of incredible size and strength who refuses to speak and is feared by the inmates and guards alike. Thinking that Grossberger has beaten the pair to a pulp or worse the following morning, the guards are taken aback when they see the trio playing cards in their cell. Grossberger breaks his silence one time soon after this scene, when he sings " Birmingham Jail" during an awkward moment.

Skip and Harry decide to use the rodeo as an opportunity to plan their escape, with Grossberger's help. The ruse works, but after their escape, they learn that the police have captured the real crooks, who have confessed to the bank robbery that wrongly convicted them.

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Stir Crazy
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